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    Saturday, June 7, 2014

    So.. Big day June 2nd at WWDC14! Swift Language is going to replace Objective-C in iOS and Mac Development here after. None of the rumor makers saw that coming.. did they?

    Personally I am very excited about this. I had been with Objective-C for past 3 years and I don't like the thought of it fading off, but I believe is change is good! I'm hoping this change is going to make it better for us developer's.

    Initial look at the language shows some of the things made simpler and some complex. What I liked is that now the updated syntax brings it closer to scripting languages out there (Now many of the web developers have the opportunity to flock into iOS and Mac Development). Some of the syntax's have been made simpler and some complex (very complex!). Its definitely going to take some time for it to settle in.

    I had been writing blog posts from sometime now; some tech posts, some of open source softwares and photography. I always wanted to get into geek mode start writing programming posts. I think this is the right time for that. I hoping to post some interesting stuff on iOS Development that I come across in my professional life.

    Thanks you.

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